Town of Caneadea, Allegany County, NY
Gertrude Hall, Town Historiancaneadea01

Note: Most of the information posted October 2003 is based on a web design by Gertrude Hall, Historian.  It is presented with permission & thanks. Ron Taylor)




"0 Council-House
Thou Treasure-house
Of Indian Lore!
Enough in Store,
For many books!
With age so hoary,
Tell me your story!
I list intently; soon I seem to hear,
From these bare walls-to me a mansion peer,
This plaintive, thrilling story"
The above is the introductory passage from John Minard's 1912 "Old Indian Council House, As told by itself".  The entire book with additional information and pictures added, is available from the Caneadea Town Historian Office.

For details, email: Gert Hall, Town Hist.

As of July, 2005, Historian Office Hours by Appointment or by Chance!