Researched, Transcribed & Submitted by Richard F. Palmer


Allegany County Republican, Angelica, N.Y., Friday, March 27, 1885


     Our school is prospering finely. We believe it to be
one of the most strictly guarded Christian schools in this country.
To come to this school means good behavior and hard study. The
morals of the children are looked after as well as their intellectual
culture. Chapel services twice every day. the Spring term open s
April 7th. We would say to the parents living within proper bounds
of this school that if you wish to place your children away from
liquor, billiards, skating rinks and kindred evil influences, send
them to the Houghton Seminary.

     Board from $2.00 to $2.50 per week, or rooms to rent cheap. Our
little village is growing. A number of new buildings are ready to go
up as soon as Spring opens, and many from abroad are moving here to
educate their children. We cordially invite all lovers of good
society, morality and religion, without respect to nationality,
sect or color, to come and help us plant this school of Christ and
the children of the world.