Located top of Hill, Main drive, Houghton College CampusPhotos submitted by Kay Bennett-Caneadea, NY


"the Boulder" 

burial place of COPPERHEAD

at Houghton, NY



The surrounding hills of Houghton are rich in Native American and colonial history.  On campus, "the Boulder" marks the burial place of Copperhead, last of the Seneca's in the valley. Across the Genesee River stood tribal council houses now relocated in Letchworth State Part, 15 miles north.  During the 1850s the Genesee Valley Canal carried the commerce of western New York through Houghton, brining with it colorful river boatmen, "Jockey Street" horse fanciers and itinerant gamblers.  However, railroad construction twenty years later made the canal obsolete. (Houghton College Website)


"The Last One of

The Seneca Tribe of Indians

That Lived in the Town of

Caneadea, NY

Was Buried Here

His Wife died some Years

Before His Death

He died March 23, 1864

He said He was 120 Years Old"

From Houghton College: "This day in Houghton history: March 23, 1864 marks the death of Copperhead. The boulder pictured here, located on the corner of campus (near the large map sign), reads: "Copperhead, the last one of the Seneca Tribe of Indians that lived in the town of Caneadea, N.Y. was buried here. His wife died some years before his death. He died March 23, 1864. He said he was 120 years old." Copperhead's cabin was located near the present intersection of Centerville Road and Old River Road (slightly up Centerville Road from Route 19). The boulder monument was a gift of Leonard Houghton and was installed in 1914."


(Comment from Facebook page, Allegany County Historical Society): “I worked through the County EmploymentTraining Program in 1982 at Houghton College. That summer some work was being done at the top of the hill of Genesee St. and York Dr. The boulder had to be moved temporarily, and a hole was dug underneath it, to put the map, and other items in at that intersection.

Down about 15 feet, or so, was a concrete block that was made to look like a marker with Copperhead's name on it, and I think the year of his death.

That block is set in the concrete base for the boulder.”