"Fun Facts" 


Did you know: 

.....that Caneadea was once an Indian Reservation? 

.....that there was once 23 businesses in Caneadea? 

.....that the first town meeting was April 5, 1808 ? 

.....that in 1807 grindstones were made in the gorge 

          because of the 'peculiar grit' in the stone? 

.....that if Maj. Burr had defeated Abel Nickolson for 


..... we have been called Burrville? 

.....that Caneadea is the only Allegany County town 

    to have an Indian name? 

.....the orginal site of the Seneca Council House, now on 

      display at Letchworth Park , was in Caneadea? 

.....Caneadea is where Moses VanCampen was forced 

       to run the gaunlet? 

.....that the population in 1990 was 2551?






....there was a second bridge just east of the East Hill Bridge    spanning the Genesee River ?
Doing some repair work on the second bridge in 1912.


The river had a fork in it and sort of an isle in the middle.




So it required a second bridge to reach East Hill Road .  Over time, the river changed its course and the river flowed only to one side of the isle.  

The next photos are of the same little bridge during the flood of 1918. In the background, you can see the East Hill Bridge which still stands today.