East Hill / German Church

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In the early 1800's and WNY was still a frontier,with thick lush forests and wildlife roaming freely, Gen Micah Brooks purchased a large tract of  land in Eastern Caneadea . In 1851, he enticed several German families to relocate from Rochester to this underdeveloed area. As these hardworking Christians cleared the land and made their homes, monies were saved to assist other families to immigrate to the new world. Forty or more families arrived from Germany to make this their home.

Gen Brooks erected this small church in 1857 at a cost of $1200. Although modifications have been made through the years, it is basically the same building.

A shortage of horses in the area, made it necessary to use oxen to hoist the bell into place in the belfry. The same bell still tolls for weddings and special services.

A cemetery is in back of the chruch. On many stones, one side is in English , the other in German.

Regular Sunday services are no longer held, but during the summer months a special service is held once each month. A very special Christmas Service takes place in December. A live Christmas Tree is decorated with handmade ornaments and real candles are lit............All are welcome.