Erie Lackawanna RR


The Erie Lackawanna Railroad Viaduct that spanned the Genesee River and State Route 19 was probably one of the more noteable landmarks in Allegany County. It was located  north of Belfast just inside the Caneadea boundary. The cement abutments are still visable. Here is a list of interesting facts and photos taken as the construction took place.


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The East end a timber trestle was built 6/10ths mile long, using 500,000 board feet of lumber.

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The story goes that in the dirt fill used to cover the wood trestle, an Italian worker fell in. He was buried alive.

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There were 25 towers and required 3,871 tons of steel to complete.

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It was 3,121 feet long and 141 feet high


The Guard shack, important during WWII.  The bridge was erected in 1907 and in service in 1909.
In 1924, 657 loaded and 50 empty cars ran east and 347 empties and 290 loaded ran west over this line.
The last train was Mother's Day 1980 and was dismantled and sold to Japan in 1981.