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Transcribed by Kathy S. Bentley

On February 4, 1928, the last shovel of concrete was poured and the Caneadea Dam came into being a structure designed for conservation and flood prevention purposes.

Bedsides being of useful value, Caneadea Dam, near Rushford, is a place of beauty.

The dam was built by the Rochester Gas and Electric Company and is operated by the Caneadea Power Corporation.

It ascends 126 feet from its foundation, at which point the concrete is forty-five feet thick.

From bank to bank, the dam measures about 600 feet.

It backs up a body of water about a mile square, which is released during the winter in sufficient quantities to operate hydroelectric stations at Mount Morris and Rochester.
The dam machinery is operated by T. B. Russell of Caneadea, caretaker and observer of the federal weather station at that point.

Semi-circular in design, it forms an artistic arc across the stream. The rim of concrete, bordered by railings so that it can be used as a walk with safety, adds to the virgin forests which border the stream.