Cuba Patriot, July 23, 1885 - Researched & Submitted by Richard Palmer


Operations in That Growing Field

          Clarksville is certainly taking on a good many airs as an oil town, some good and  some bad, but all lively. There is a considerable influx of  strangers and prospectors and its two  hotels are doing a thriving business. Now that communication has been opened by rail it will afford much more convenient access and will be especially favorable for increased operations on the easier transportation of freight and supplies.

      The principal interest  of the work has been centered about the Love & Co. well on the Butts farm, lot 18. It was understood to be in the sand Monday, though very little definite knowledge out  of the derrick for the general public. It was shot West Friday.

   The same firm have two old producing wells on this firm, and also have a rig upon the Zimmerman farm, lot 20. W.J. Penny has  a well ready for the casing on the Peckham farm, lot 28.

     A. Warner has one about as far advanced  on the A. Congdon farm. This is near the cheese factory at the Centre and is an especially important test as being the farthest advanced in a northwest direction from old and sure developments.  It will be watched  with great interest and if good it puts a good-size chunk of territory into the field.

    I.E. Ackerly & Co. are drilling their No. 3 on the S. Ernhout farm, lot 20, have rigs up for four more and are grading for two others.  They also have a well started on the Holmes farm.

   Barton & Hammond have a rig up on the A. Congdon farm lot  13. To  the northeast of this and on almost a 45 degree line they have located two other wildcats and will be important tests. One on the E.C. Bradford farm lot 13, and the other on E. Hyde's farm, lot 63, town of Wirt, but a short distance east of the town line.

    A rig owned by James Wood and two or three others stands near the depot, but there are no immediate prospects of work commencing.

   This includes all of the work at present started, but the prospects are that unless the district gets a bad "black eye" a great deal is coming in the next two months.

   Most of the oil rights being secured are at a bonus of $5 to $10 per acre and 1-6 to 1-8 royalty. One of the best sales reported was 150 acres on A. Councilman's farm at $12.50  per acre and 1-4 royalty to Coast & Co. This is one-quarter mile east of Clarksville Centre and has no wells on it.