Information below from the 1835-1985 Sesquicentennial Book -Town of Clarksville,NY


The first cheese factory in Clarksville was built in 1867, by M.M. Congdon and J. B. Isenhour, at Clarksville Village, at a cost of $2500, with a capacity of 200,000 pounds per annum.  In 1878 this factory used the milk from about 480 cows and manufactured 182,525 pounds of cheese, which was sold at an average of 8 3/10 cents per pound.

The first cheese factory is located 2 1/2 miles south of the center of the Town on the road to Portville and was built in the Spring of 1876 by R. T. Robinson at a cost of $1700.  It had a capacity of 12 cheese per day at an average of 60# of cheese.  In 1924 the factory burned down (run by Cooper) and a cement structure was erected by John Childs, Cuba.  Denzil Richmond bought the cheese factory and made it into a home.

West Clarksville Cheese factory burned about 1897.  Dean Congdon and family lived in part of cheese factory and lost everything.  Last cheese made in W. Clarksville by Clayton Burger in 1948 or 51.

Some of Cheese makers in West Clarksville were: M.M. Congdon, FrankMilgate, Cassius , Dean and Anson Congdon, Frank and Louis Pettit, Bowler, George Werely and Clayton Burger.

Some of the Cheese makers in Obi Cheese factory were: Martin Walther, Ernie Cooper, George Werely, Dean Congdon, Frank & Roy Milgate.