Tale of The Old Friendship Jail

Below is the story of "BEFORE"; As of 2010, scroll on down the page and discover the "AFTER" results of a lot of work & effort by caring people to preserve history!


"This Old Jail Needs Your Help!!"

The Friendship/Nile Historical Society is in the unique position of purchasing the old Friendship Jail shown above. Many people right in the Village may not even be aware of
it's existence.

To relate a little history of the building Norma Pizza, Friendship Town Historian, released the following:

"The jail is believed to have been built in 1880, near the old foundry and Planing Mill on Factory Street.

The building has gone through several changes in it's long life. In it's youth it was used as the jail until the State insisted that it be abandoned. In the 1920's it was commonly known as the "coop", and was used by transients (also known as tramps) to get out of the weather. After a long period of abandonment, John E. and Ralph S. Buzzard purchased the Jail in 1941, and it was relocated to it's present home. The Jail currently rests on a small plot of land behind the Bingo Hall."

Norma relates that any financial support that can be mustered will be used to pay for the purchase and survey of the property. It will be eventually used as a tourist attraction and whatever use the Historical Society can arrange for community value.
Please consider supporting this preservation of yet another diminishing part of our local history in our communities.

Support can be mailed to:

Friendship/Nile Historical Society

P.O.Box 466; Friendship,NY 14739.

Questions? Call Norma @(585)973-7831



Photo submitted by Richard Langdon, President

Friendship/Nile Historical Society