The following was prepared by Karen Meisenheimer of Fairfax, VA.  Any help for further identification of the individuals can be sent to Karen at her email below or to Webmaster Email with identification of the photo and your information.

Smith, Fox, and related Family Photo Gallery......

Mostly Town of Burns, Allegany County, NY

     I have recently come into possession of a photo album originally belonging to my great grandmother Winifred O. Smith Fox.  She gave it to her daughter Thelma Fox Thompson, who gave it to her son (my father) David Thompson, who has given it to me.  The photos are all small and very fragile so I have scanned them while keeping them in the album to avoid handling them as much as possible.  As you can see from some of the photos, names were written in on the album page around the photos, however, not all photos included names.  Grandma Winnie lived from 1878 until 1948 mostly in the Town of Grove, Allegany County, New York.  She was quite young in these photos so I believe that most of these were probably taken during the 1880’s, however I’m not positive.  The unknown people were probably close friends of the family from around the Grove area. 

     I also have a few pictures that are on regular photo developing paper and were from a later date.  Some of these photos were stuck inside the front cover of the album but not part of it, and others were in separate frames.  If anyone knows any information about who some of these other people are I would appreciate your help.  

     I can be contacted by emailing:  KAREN MEISENHEIMER