Rawson Baptist Church

(across road from schoolhouse, but, in Town of Lyndon, Catt. County)

(The following history is taken from "Rawson Freewill Baptist Church Records 1830-1916"; by Jack L. White, M.A. in Association with Sydney L. Emmons, Historian, Town of Lyndon; by permission of Mr. Emmons) The book outlines the activities and people of the Church and membership information through the years.  It also gives reference to the compilation done in 1998 of the cemetery by Sidney & Gerry Emmons and Jerry Babcock.  Lookups are available by contacting Sidney or Jerry.

"The first religious services in Lyndon were held in 1810, at the house of Seth Markham, by Rev. Robert Hubbard, a Presbyterian missionary.  At the same dwelling was organized in 1816 the first religious society in town.  This was the Freewill Baptist church of Lyndon and the organizers were Revs. Abraham and Jermiah Folsom, missionaries.  One of the first deacons was Solomon Rawson and the first pastor was Rev. Thomas Pratt.  Their house of worship was erected in 1839 and cost $1,200.  The society now has 35 members, but, no pastor.  The church edifice, with a seating capacity of 280, is valued, with grounds, etc., at $1,400.  A Sunday school is maintained during the summer months." (From: Historical Gazetteer and Biographical Memorial of Cattaraugus County, N.Y.; Lyman, Horton & Co., Ltd.; Syracuse,NY 1893)

The picture below, unknown date, was submitted by Leigh & Virginia Miller.  Leigh states in letter of 3/25/06, "Virginia and I attended this church as children and were married here 8/1/1945, after the war."  Leigh also stated that his family moved to Rawson when he was 9, and is 87 this year.  The second picture is how the Church appears today.rawson02


Photo by Ron Taylor, 2005.