"Rushford Lake" Copyright ©2005 Mary Rhodes


Building the Caneadea Dam Approximately 1927.
1st Photo From the Archives of the Allegany County Historian
2nd Photo taken by William J. Gelser & submitted by his grandson, Jim Gelser


The headline from a 1984 Wellsville Daily Reporter article caught my eye as I was leafing through newspaper archives at the Alfred State Library.  “Two Towns Lie Under Rushford Lake”.   I had lived in this area for over 25 years, (a relative newcomer) and had never heard of the “Two Towns” of  Kelloggville or East Rushford as were reported in the paper.  So, I hit the local libraries and visited the county historian’s office to find out a little more. 
What I found was a series of newspaper stories written as the world was changing in Rushford.   They represent history in the making with a touch of small town charm.  I present them to you here.
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