From the Rushford Spectator, 1915.

Transcribed by Joseph Damiano.


Capable Belfast Mechanic to Establish Auto Hospital in Gordon Building

Carlton I. Gordon, who has been the repair man at Gleason's garage at Belfast for the past two years, will open a complete auto garage in Rushford in a few weeks. Mr.Gordon has purchased the Gordon building near the Baptist sheds and back of the concrete block and is now remodeling it to make a modern garage. The building will be twice the size of the present building and will have a cement floor throughout. He has all the tools and fixtures that go with an up-to-date garage and will keep supplies and accessories on hand, especially for Ford cars. Mr.Gordon has had five years experience in the business and is considered a first class machinist. He is a fine young man and we are glad to hame him locate here. The work on the building is progressing rapidly and will be ready for the opening on a few weeks.