(From the scrapbook of Eddy C. [1857-1944] & Helen White Gilbert [1855-1929].  Clippings are not dated and newspaper unknown, unless noted. Most dates supplied were handwritten and initialed by the collectors.)  Transcribed by Yvonne E. Smith.


Below is given a list of the births, marriages and deaths in Rushford during the past year recorded on the books of Town Clerk, Wm. W. Bush.

Jan. 10-Eugene Scott, girl
Jan. 14-Julius Butler, girl
Jan. 16-Floyd McVey, son
Jan. 26-Fred Miller, son
Jan. 30-Homer Shafer, girl
Feb. 10-Rob. Stockwell, girl
Feb. 17-Daniel Williams, son
Feb. 25-Talcott Brooks, girl
March 1-George Neal, son
April 12-J.S. Chapman, girl
April 28-William Burr, girl
May 18-Robert Bartlett, son
May 19-Homer Jerman, girl
June 6-Newell McCall, girl
July 2-Frank Austin, girl
July 13-T.A. Almony, girl
Aug. 12-Wallace Francisco, son
Sept. 4-Ben. Linnsley, girl
Sept. 16-Glenn Austin, son
Nov. 23-Lewis Durkee, son
Dec. 3-Walter Hotchkiss, son,
Dec. 13-George Balcom, son
Dec. 23-Homer Lafferty, son
Feb. 17-Vernon Taylor and Angie Tapp
June 16-Greydon Davis and Flora Frost
June 30-Clarence Mills and Winifred Burch
Aug. 17-John Schwab and Amy Vaughn
Sept. 15-Earl Carney and Marena Woods
Oct. 20-Thomas James and Estella Crowell
Oct. 23-Paul Botens and Bernice Vaughn
Oct. 27-Wm. Parry and Ellen Symonds
Nov. 25-Gerald Williams and Mary Baldwin.
Feb. 4-Henry Tullar, 70
Feb. 9-Myra Litchard, 63
Feb. 13-Wm. Clark, 32
Feb. 16-Albert Warren, 71
March 3-Infant daughter of Talcott Brooks
Mar. 5-Myra Frasier, 66
Mar. 5-Catherine Powers, 72
April 9-Desalvo Damon, 71
April 13-Infant daughter of Geo. Morris
April 16-Michael Baylor, 63
April 25-Elbert Corse, 65
June 10-Homer Brooks, 76
June 13-Infant daughter of Homer Shafer
June 17-Kate Weaver, 59
Aug. 4-Helen Swetland, 15
Aug. 31-Marcus Eaton, 66
Sept. 1-Jerome Cole, 68
Sept. 8-Sylvia Williams, 80
Oct. 25-[--document is cut off here, but there appears to be more not showing--]