(From the scrapbook of Eddy C. [1857-1944] & Helen White Gilbert [1855-1929].  Clippings are not dated and newspaper unknown, unless noted. Most dates supplied were handwritten and initialed by the collectors.)  Transcribed by Joseph Damiano.

Vital Statistics of Rushford Town
According to the Vital Statistics filed in the Town Clerk's office there were 20 births and 14 deaths in the town of Rushford during the year of 1916. They are as follows:
6- Girl to Frank Azzaro and his wife, March
17 - Boy to B.W. Isham and wife
22- Boy to Alfred Juston and wife, April

6- Boy to Earl Weaver and wife.
10- Boy to C.L Gordon and wife.
14- Girl to Volney Corsett and wife.

3- Boy to Allen Austin and wife.
7- Girl to Clarence Davis and wife.
15- Boy to Emmett Hatch and wife.
26- Girl to Stephen Wilmot and wife.

28- Girl to Ralph Austin and wife.

3- Boy to Raymond Horton and wife.
28- Boy to Newell McCall and wife.

9- Boy to Gerald Williams and wife.
15- Girl to Cyril Parry and wife.
31- Boy to Louis King and wife.

9- Girl to Homer Jerman and wife.
24- Girl to Ray Lupold and wife.

27- Girl to Emler Waite and wife.
28- Boy to Frank Austin and wife.

Fred Shultz, January 9.
Caroline crocker, January 31.
B.F Babbitt, April 9.
Ina B. McElheny, June 11.
Edwin H. Taylor, June 19.
Laura J. Wilson , June 25.
James Hart, July 25.
Orrin Barber, Jr. July 23.
Edward Davies, August 20
J. Henry Dye, September 26.
Effie Lewis, October 6.
Forest Morris, December 4.
Myron L. Sutton, December 13.