(From the scrapbook of Eddy C. [1857-1944] & Helen White Gilbert [1855-1929].  Clippings are not dated and newspaper unknown, unless noted. Most dates supplied were handwritten and initialed by the collectors.)  Transcribed by Joseph Damiano.

Eighteen Births, Ten Marriages, Twenty Deaths in Rushford During Year 1917.


Following is the record of births, marriages and deaths in Rushford during the year 1917. 18 births, 10 marriages and 20 deaths as reported.



Girl Charles Swain, Feb. 6

Boy Thomas James, Feb.28

Boy Floyd McVay, Apr.24

Girl Will Burr,        May 6

Girl John Krause, May 8

Boy Roy Shaffer, May 27

Girl Wm.Johnson, June 10

Boy Curtis Lloyd, July 14

Girl N.McCall,       Aug.31

Girl F.Miller,         Sept.21

Boy Ralph Austin, Oct.5

Boy Wilbur Provorse, Oct.6

Girl Linford Lafferty, Oct.8

Girl George Eaton, Oct.8

Girl John Reynolds, Oct.15

Boy Homer Lafferty, Oct.26

Girl Earl Weaver, Dec.22.



Ovy Hartman and Pearl Frost, Jan 7

Jesse Bosworth and Edna Wherrey, March 12

Joseph Kader and Hazel Hadley, May 30

Wm. Waite, Rela Brown,              June 6

Harrison Weaver and Fairolia Babbitt, June 21

Corey Evans and Emiline Sutton,         July 10

Leonard Breeser and Edna Hadley,      Aug. 14

Harlan Clark and Ada Harrs,                 Sept.20

L.M Clark and Anna Merrill,                   Oct. 10

Raymond Sweet and Gertrude Caner, Dec.21



Thuiza Scott Williams, Jan.13

Bennett Jackson,         Jan.26

Glenna May Wilmot,     Jan. 26

Phoebe Ann White,       Feb. 8

Gordon W. Balcom,       Feb. 21

Elizabeth Moon,            Feb. 25

John D. Hill,                   Feb. 27

Milford Eugene James,  March 4

A.P Benjamin,                March 15

Adelia Cooper,               March 22

John G. James,              April    10

Ann Lyon,                       April     11

Millard Smith,                 June     2

Chauncey Williams,       July      14

Donald Crawford,           July      15

J.G. Benjamin,                Aug.     9

Lucilia Durkee,                Sept.    6

Dorothy Wright,                Oct.     22

Genevieve Eaton,             Dec.    7

Horace Hadley,                 Dec.    19