(From the scrapbook of Eddy C. [1857-1944] & Helen White Gilbert [1855-1929].  Clippings are not dated and newspaper unknown, unless noted. Most dates supplied were handwritten and initialed by the collectors.)  Transcribed by Joseph Damiano.


That the dam will be built in the Caneadea gorge as reported last week now seems to be a certainty. Drillers arrived yesterday and are at work testing the rock formation in the banks of the gorge to ascertain the depth of the rock formation. L.C McElheny received a check for $5,000 Wednesday as a first payment on his mill property which will have to be abandoned. Mr. McElheny has purchased the Afton Swift farm on Taylor Hill and with the farm he already owns there expects to move there and operate the large farm himself. He reserves all of his mill machinery. Fred McElheny has purchased the John Brady house and lot on Main Street in this village and may move here. Others are looking for property in this village and in other near-by places. Mr. Connors of Mt. Morris is in Rushford nearly every day going over deeds and contracts and arranging for the transfer of property. So far there has been no hitch to indicate that the plan will be abandoned but of course the few thousands already invested might be lost rather than to go on with a project that will run into the millions of dollars. In buying property the company buys an entire farm even though only a small part will be covered with water. It is understood that they will take all land surrounding the lake to ten feet of elevation above the high water level and all other land will be offered for sale.