From the collection of Eddy C. [1857-1944] & Helen White Gilbert [1855-1929].
Transcribed by Karen Meisenheimer.

 1850 letter from Sophia Moore

Rushford May 1st 1850

Respected Sir,
I now seat myself pen in hand to let you know in what a fix we are placed dear John has (-???-) work for they have not got any hay and the stags have got so poor they have to take them by the tail. I hope I shall hear the (-???-) pretty quick your and Susan must come down here early in the morning and stay three or four weeks. I had a real (-???-) ride with uncle Brat after I got home I was so lame I reckoned I never should ride again with uncle Brat Johns. Puzzle is most wore out. If you will come down some day we will go over to uncle Johnnys and watch the geese John went up over the hill to day but he walked very feeble John has drinked a great deal of hackmatack tea this spring and it has (stiffened) him up awfully. I should like to go over to aunt Brags if I could I don’t know but I shall come up to your house a bull back if I can get a side saddle next week tell Amanda the next time we wash the college I will send her up the cloth to work her nick with. I think I have written about as much nonsense as you will want to read and I think it is about time to quit.
Yours in haste

From Sophia Moore to Louisa


Mrs. Louisa H. Moore
Cattaragus Co.
Post Haste

Reverse of 1850 letter from Sophia Moore