The following story was found in the WDR of August 8, 1887.  This researcher, always skeptical, looked up some of the participants in the 1850 census.  John Holton, 23 years old, and Riley Russell, 25 years old, lived in the same house with their wives in the township of Scio. Both Holton and Russell were working as lumbermen.  Robert Welch was a 14 year old living in Scio in 1860.  This story, in my humble opinion, has the ring of truth to it…Mary Rhodes 4/28/2007

A Traveling Turtle

His Experience in Allegany County Since 1852

In 1852, John Holtom and Riley Russell caught a turtle and put their initials J.H. and R.R. on his shell and then let him go.

In 1860, Robert Welch caught the same turtle and put on his initials.

In 1862, he was again captured, this time by Charles Duke, who cut the letter D on his shell.  E. I. Norton and William Robinson also cut their initials and then set him at liberty.

This week he was again caught by E. I. Norton.  There were the letters H. L. burned into the under shell but no date.  Mrs. E. I. Norton, Willie Norton, Grace Holtom and Winford Potter also added their initial and gave him the date 1887.  There are now three generations represented by the inscription on the shell of that turtle.

The old fellow is hale and hearty and retains all the strength of vigor of youth.  Yesterday after eating a dinner of cucumbers, the boys set him at liberty with many good wishes for his success during his muddy journey through life.

Scio, August 6, 1887