For those who thought that longevity is on the increase in modern years will get a kick out of this story!
Researched & Submitted by Mary Rhodes - Allegany County Democrat newspaper
February 22, 1876

Scio for Longevity

Uncle Abner Huntly now resides here with his son Henry Huntly, formerly of Cuba.  He was born at Lyme, New London Co., Conn. In the year 1767 Aug 4th.   His children are all dead except Henry.  Lyman Gallutia was born at Albany, NY 1779 and his wife was born in 1780, both are now living.

Rhonda Sprague was born at Canano, Columbia Co., NY 1779, has been a widow over 40 years.  John Simons Esq., was born in Orange county in 1790, is a smart as people usually are at 40 or 50.  Martin Emerson born at Petersburg, Rens. Co. in 1793.  Naleoth B. Welch born in 1794, we believe in Madison County N.Y.

Uncle Abner Huntly voted for Washington, and has voted for every President since.  May he be spared to vote again in Nov 1876?

NOTE:  This little article appeared shortly AFTER the New York State census of 1875 and prior to the 1876 elections.  I would surmise that the last sentence is a political statement against the proposed candidates, and not a death wish for Abner Huntley. J