All Co Dem 4 6 1877 p3 Scio Business history and GenealogyReal estate and Business Activity in Scio, N.Y., 1877

From the Allegany County Democrat, Apr. 6, 1877, p.3 (Contributed by Craig Braack):

Every available place in Scio that is suitable to be inhabited, is being rented. Among the people who have recently taken up their residence in that village, is Mr. Debster Brown, from Knight’s Creek, who has moved into the house lately occupied by Mr. Allen. T. S. Woodard from Knight’s Creek, has moved into the Sprague house; Michael King from Bradford, has taken unto himself a wife in the person of Mrs. Mary Ann Higgins, and occupies her residence. Thos. King and John King has left the oil regions of Bradford, and bought the Wm. S. Babcock farm, on Middaugh Hill. A Mr. Sherman from Michigan, will soon remove into the Bossambark house, and is to enter into a co-partnership with Miles Davis in the Dry Goods business. Other arrivals are announced, and at this rate, if the immigration keeps up, Scio will soon be putting on airs.