All Co Dem Jan 12 1877 p3 Scio Cornet bandScio Cornet Band Has Oyster Supper, 1877

The members of the Scio Cornet Band, their ladies and friends, partook of an oyster supper, at Wm. Hamilton’s residence, on the Vandermark, on Friday evening of last week.  About 40 couple were present, and the occasion was a joyous one.  The assemblage dispersed with praise on their lips for the bounteous hospitality of the host and hostess, and returned home feeling that it was good to have been there.  But one incident on the homeward journey is worthy of record.  Our friend Fred Ackley’s cutter, in which he and his dry goods establishment was ensconced, insisted , when going through a snow drift, on turning its polished runners toward the heavens, making astronomical observations, contrary to the known wishes of our friend.

(from the Allegany County Democrat, January 12, 1877, page three. Contributed by Craig Braack.)