From the Andover News, December 4, 1914.
Transcribed by Suzette Pondillo.



Perfectly Preserved Specimen Found Near Spot Where Piece of Skull Was Found Short Time ago

Hornell, N.Y., Nov. 30—A jaw bone, perfectly preserved, believed to be a part of the piece of skull which was found on the [hin] back of the old shale beds a few days ago by men who were dynamiting stumps on the Thecher Brother’s property, has been found near the same place that the other relic was found.

It will be recalled that the first discovery was a part of a human skull with an Indian arrow head deeply imbedded in it. The jaw bone contains the teeth, all of which are perfect with the exception of two that are gone. At the very tip of the chin the one has begun to petrify, showing conclusively that it has lain there for years, probably before a white man had ever reached this valley.

The relic is on exhibition in the store of C.B. Young on Seneca street where the piece of skull is. A search will be made in that locality for other parts of the skeleton which it is believed must be somewhere near there.

According to authorities on the subject the head was that of an Indian and death was evidently due to the arrow which had pierced the skull. The shaft of the arrow has completely disappeared leaving nothing but the head.

Andover News 12-04-1914