As visitors come and go at the Nathaniel Dyke Museum in Wellsville, many discussions of Interesting Stories of the past occur without merit of further research in many cases.  So many stories, so much interest, too little time and too little volunteer help, make it nearly impossible to follow-up on all.

Recently a discussion occurred at such a visit by Ralph Hills, a long-time resident of Wellsville with Mary Rhodes.  "Ralph Hills told me last year that he remembered seeing a whale on a flat car in Wellsville at the old B&S station. He was just a boy, but remembered the smell pretty well. I did a happy dance when I found the news article about the whale. Looks like it was a freak show.

The information below is from two newspapers, Andover News & Allegany County Democrat.....

A Whale In Wellsville?

In investigating the story it appears that the show was a one-day event at all it's locations and the smell of the whale could certainly be a contributing factor to that length of time in town.

It also appears that the show was closely related to the B & S Railroad since it was this railroad siding that the show appeared on in several towns on the East Coast.

Enjoy!! (Without the odor...)





Above, from Allegany County Democrat newspaper 9/9/1937