The following two stories were found about two months apart in the old Wellsville Daily Reporter.  The second story helps explain the first story, the first story explains the second story…..

Wellsville Daily Reporter

April 1, 1887


Saint, and Sinner alike Partake of the New Cure

An Explanation Needed

A few days ago, Mr. Wm. Spicer, having heard of the wonderful cures being wrought by the use of water from the Sizer well near Emporium, PA, determined to give the magic liquid a personal test.  He sent a team with empty barrels after a load of the curative and after its arrival, having more than he could possible use himself and wishing to turn an honest penny, he peddled out, and also gave a quantity of the celebrated drink to other citizens that they too might test its virtues.

It now transpires that the barrels which the water was placed in had previously been used for keeping whiskey and the water being redrawn from the barrels has a decidedly strong flavor of the “pale cold stuff”.  People have tried it, not knowing of course how it had been contaminated with its late company, and with various results.  One lady at the west end of Main street it made terribly sick, producing nausea; some like it while others couldn’t make up their minds whether they did or not; but all agreed it was queer tasting water.

It has been suggested that the Board of Excise look into the matter and interview Mr. Spicer before any more Sizer water is dealt out from whisky barrels, and sold to temperance people.

It is unfortunate that the whiskey and water got mixed, for who can tell now, should any who have drank the concoction be benefited, which deserves the credit, the water of the whiskey?  Of course either article, will have warm supporters, but is isn’t a fair shake for a test.

There is another thing to take into consideration.  In the past a number of Wellsville bars have done a good business with “Moxie” and “Peppersauce”, etc.  Must they be crowded out now by this new fangled drink?This is a matter that needs to be attended to at once.  William should be taken before the W.C.T.U. and asked for an explanation.

Wellsville Daily Reporter

May 23, 1887


How it is Sized Up by a Visitor to Wellsville

The Chenango Semi Weekly Telegram in an interview with Dr. H. H. Beecher whom our readers remember passed a few weeks with his brother the late J. P. Beecher during his last sickness, gives the following about Sizer Water:  “Dr. H. H. Beecher, has returned from his trip to Allegany County, looking ever so much better.”

“I attribute it as much as any thing” said he to a Telegram man, “to drinking the water from a medicinal well, which has just been discovered there.  A farmer named Sizer sank an oil well over in Piedmont, but didn’t find any oil.  After a while, the well began to flow water.  Sizer knew it must be perfectly pure water, so he used to drink it.  He was all doubled up with the rheumatism when he began.  In a little while, sir, he found his rheumatic pains all gone and himself just a limber as a young man.  All on account of that water.”

“Is that the only cure?”

“Oh No.  The fact is, Sizer had an old horse, ringed boned, spavined and so stiff he couldn’t go.  That horse liked this well water and Sizer gave it to him.  He wouldn’t let him have any other kind. And you can believe it or not, that horse has come out a COLT”.

“How did the water taste?”

“Well, I can’t say exactly, for the water I drank was brought from the well in a whisky cask, and the taste of the whisky sort of overcome the taste of the water…”