June 7, 1913 - Wellsville Daily Reporter, Wellsville, NY - Clipping Submitted by Jane Pinney

NOTE:   1913 - Mayor - J.A. Weatherby

            Village Clerk – C.A. Sturtevant

            Village Trustees – J.C. Darcy, W.J. Hoyt, Geo. Carpenter, Emmett Harder



Two Fine Specimens Presented To Village; Want a Modern House In Island Park

          Wellsville's population received a notable increase this morning when two real live bears arrived by express consigned to Thomas O'Connor, Secretary of the Business Men's Association. The bears are a gift to the village of Wellsville from Messrs. James E. and Roland Schwarzenbach of Hornell and eventually a suitable home will be provided for them in the village park. The bears are now temporarily confined in the bandstand at Island Park and are attracting much attention.

            When Secretary O'Connor received a telephone call that he had two live bears at the Erie Station, he immediately notified the express company it was a mistake and that the bears belonged to M.D. Haskins, Chairman of the Amusement Committee. Mr. O'Connor insisted that he did not have time with his other duties to feed bears and insisted that the job should be turned over to Frank Leonard, Park of the Village Board.

            Mr. Leonard allowed that he drew the line on bears, either summer or winter, and refused to take any official recognition, so Mr. Haskins is the present bear manager.

            The bears really belong to the Business Men's Association, who secured them from the Messrs. Schwarzenbach, the well-known brewery proprietors in Hornell, and through the courtesy of Mayor Weatherby, permission has been granted to build an up-to-date bear cage in the village park, where the new arrivals will be permanently located.

            Gifts to the village are a dangerous proposition. When Mr. David Howe of Williamsport, offered us a $15,000.00 library building, the proposition was at first voted down. As to the acceptance of a pair of real live bears, the village attorney had not yet passed upon the legal side of the question. Mr. Haskins will probably want a special election called right away to relieve him of his great responsibilities, but the other members of the Business Men's Association strenuously object and at present they are Haskins' bears, with special permission from the village permitting their residence on Island Park.

            In the meantime Wellsville appreciates the thoughtfulness of the Messrs. Schwarzenbach in presenting Wellsville with these two fine specimens and the reporter feels assured that the gift will receive the best of attention and care.

            Don't fail to visit Island Park tomorrow and see the new arrivals.