"On Riding A Passenger Train

Out of Wellsville"

According to train historian, Michael Connor, the last passenger train left Wellsville on or about Jan. 1970 IIRC.

One Wellsville resident, Mary Ann Baldwin-Newark has a vivid memory of a train ride in 1966.

To quote, "having grown up in Meadow Brook Court in Wellsville...just a literal stone's throw from the tracks...I think we honed our counting skills by counting those hundreds of box cars!" 

"I can still hear that mournful sound of the train engine, and still thrill to see a train."

"This picture shows my grandmother, Marian (Perry) Dennis, with me (Mary Ann Baldwin-Newark), and my Meadow Brook Court neighbors, Walter Gardner & Patrick Searle taking us to ride the passenger train out of Wellsville to Hornell in 1966.  We were only 5 years old!"

"My mother then drove over and picked us up @ Hornell Depot.  I remember going to lunch at "Big Elms" for a special end to the perfect day!"


Three Youths Ready to Ride the Passenger Train From Wellsville