A Family Diner where present Rescue Squad Bldg is located on S. Main Street.

(Following is an email received about the above and below diners)



  I am researching diners, especially ones built by the Ward & Dickinson
Dining Car Company.

On the page
"WELLSVILLE PAST" Photo Gallery of Don Baldwin Collection, BOOK II, 14
Pages  pub 10/14/06

Right on page 1!, what is called the Family Diner is a diner that was
brought to Wellsville by Leslie and Mernie Cross in 1930

This diner was built by the Ward & Dickinson dining Car Company of Silver
Creek, NY around September 1926.  It was first shipped to Toledo, Ohio for
a few months of use and then on to DuBois, PA for 3 years before coming to

I have talked with the grandson a few years ago, and he said his
grandparents also went on the road setting up diners to entice local
concerns to buy the diners.  They ran a diner in Athens, Ohio when one of
their kids was in college out there. Then ran one in Clarion, PA for a
couple of years.  They bought a very nice house in Wellsville w/ money
from the diner in Clarion.

I am very glad you have a picture of that diner online!

The barrel roof diner was owned by Sherm Cross, "originally on south sidfe
of south main st across from aire free factory and bridge next to hopkins
sold to waitress, Gertrude

The diner that was in Bolivar up until 1988 was in Wellsville for a few
months in 1925.  It was built by the Richardson Dining Car Co. of Silver
Creek, NY

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Michael Engle