Researched & Submitted by Richard Palmer

from Cuba Patriot -- July 9, 1885

Wellsville's Worst!!


The Fourth of July celebration at Wellsville this year consisted principally of large flaming posters, innumerable small bills and a tremendous amount of wind in the newspapers (for which we trust they were well paid) a big crowd and a small circus. There were other features, but they were unimportant and uninteresting, compared with the above mentioned. It had been announced as tie “Grandest Demonstration ever witnessed in Western New York,” and we guess it was—of pure gall.

          Lured by the big advertisements, encouraged by exceptionally fine weather, a crowd generally calculated to he the largest ever in that town were gathered, and had all the fun they could find in walking from one end to the other of the one long-extended Main street, looking at each other and searching for the alleged celebration. A programme of races of various sorts was spread over the whole day and along the whole length of the village, each of which could he witnessed by the two or three hundred people who could form along the course. Two men rode bicycles through the streets and divided $9 between them. The really lively Almy Hose running team ran down Main street ahead of a scrub team and were given $25. As usual the fantastics were well arranged and contained some excellent take-offs, thoroughly enjoyed by the Wellsville people only. A big supply of gas was turned on in the evening and after 10 o’clock the day ended with a display of fireworks in keeping with the rest. All the programme was laid out to accommodate morning, afternoon and evening performances of Pullman, Dinges & Co’s. circus.

          There was much dissatisfaction expressed, but the object, of those who engineered the cheap affair was fully accomplished in getting the people and their money into town. Whether the plan will work a well another year is exceedingly doubtful.