From "Bolivar Breeze" August 22, 1907 - Researched & Submitted by Richard Palmer; Transcribed by Ron Taylor


Proposition is Again Being Agitated at Both Ends

of the Line and Looks Promising



Believed That Public Utilities Commission Will Act Favorably on the Proposition.  Would Be a Profitable Enterprise. 

The proposition of building a trolley line from Bolivar to Wellsville which was agitated a couple of years ago and then put to sleep by the State Railroad Commission is again a live issue.  During the past two weeks the work of securing rights of way from Bolivar to Allentown has been pushed along and at present it is practically completed.  It is understood that the rights of way secured previously from Allentown to Wellsville still hold good and that the franchise in that village is still alive or can be renewed without difficulty.

The ties are already placed in the new pavement at Wellsville and the men who were promoting the proposition two years ago have several thousand dollars tied up in their tie and rights of way accounts.  George Fobes, of Olean, who was in charge of the matter two years ago, has been in Wellsville the past week going over the matter with capitalists there and it is understood that the matter will go up to the Public Utilities' Commission within a short time.  The promoters are confident that the commission will be kinder to them than the State Railroad Commission.

The plan is to secure as many stock and bond subscriptions as possible from among the people along the line and to secure the balance from outsiders.  All agree that such a line as proposed which would unite two of the liveliest towns in Allegany county, would eventually be a good paying proposition.  Interurban lines everywhere show far greater earnings than the small city lines.  Without its outside lines, the Olean system would be a dead one.  And the same is true of many other small city plants.  The country to be traversed by the proposed line is a very prosperous one and would be much better from year to year.  It is not likely that anything will be done this year, as the season is so far advanced and the money market everywhere rather tight, but it looks as though there would be something doing in the matter with the coming of spring.