1944 Bowling in Wellsville

Worthington League

These pictures and information submitted by Elizabeth Burdick of Jericho Hill Road, Alfred.  During the time period she worked at the office at Worthington and thus knew most of these people.  Betty consulted with Mrs. Art Runzo on some of the names and hopefully we have as many as possible correct.

If you recognize someone in these pictures that we have not identified or wrongly identified, please contact me.  Email: Ron Taylor



At the first, Nick Baldine had his bowling alley on the 1st floor of a 3 floor building beside the Rice Music Store.  Nick and his wife lived on the 3rd floor in an apartment.  At a later time, Nick moved the bowling alley from the first to the second floor which was very close to the time that these pictures were taken.  Proof of the date of these pictures was gained from blowing up the calendar on picture #6 and it is a 1944 model.   It operated on the second floor level for many years until the new bowling alley was built on Dyke Street, sometime believed in the 1950s.