From the collection of Jane Pinney


August 4, 1897

Wellsville Telephone Exchange

List of Local Telephone Subscribers With the N.Y.&P. Co.

Allen, C.H.; house

B&S Station Agt., McMahon

B&S Supt., Davis, C.E.

Barnes Bros.; house

Blackman, G.; house

Blackman, G.; office

Bottling Works Wellsville

Boyce, F.B.; house

Citizens National Bank

Church & Church; Attorneys

Church, F.B.; house

Church, F.H.; house

Clark, Mrs. E.J.; house

Davis, E.C.; house

Davis, W.; barn

Day, Chas.; house

Decker, W.P.; house

Decker, W.P.; store

Dexter, N.; house

Duke, Wm. Jr.; house

Duke, Wm. Sr.; mill

Duke, Wm. Sr.; house

Duke, Oak; Lumber Co.

Decker, W.P.; store

Earley, C.T.; Agt. Wells Fargo

Earley, C.T.; farm

Earley, C.T.; house

Empire Gas Co.

Erie Rail Road

Fassett House

First National Bank

Frank, Levi; house

Frank, Levi; store

Frederick, J.C.; house

Frederick, J.C.; store

Fuller, O.A.; house

Fuller, O.A.; office

Hakes & Boyce

Hall, E.B.; house

Hall, E.B.; store

Halsey, A.J.; store

Hoyt & Vincent

Jones, D.S. & Son

Jones, Wm. H.

Krailinger, C.; house

McCarthy, E.; house

McEwen Bros.

McKee, C. telephone manager; house

Miller, W.H.

New Church House

O'Connor, J.J.; (bakery)

Osborne, E.; house

Osborne, E.; store

Otis, Day & Co.

Otis, T.P. Otis; house

Palmer & Richards; office

Palmer, M.D.; house

Postal Telegraph Co.

Reporter Printing House

Rice, E.L.; house

Rice, E.L.; store

Rice, F.D.; house

Rice, F.D.; livery

Richards, F.K.; house

Rogenmoser; market

Rosa, G.C.; house

Ross, W.C.; greenhouse

Ross, W.C.; store

Rundell & Boyd

Scott, Wayne; house

Scoville, Brown & Co.; office

Scoville, Brown & Co.; shipping dep't

Shearer, Dr.; house

Shearer, E.V.; house

Shearer, E.V.; office

Smith & Teeple; (Public Pay Station B.)

Smith, W.E.; house

Sutfin, H.B.; house

Sutfin, H.B.; store (public pay station C.)

Taylor, Mrs. O.P.; house

Thornton, Jas.; house

U.S. Leather Co.

Vincent, Chas.; house

Western Union Telegraph Co.

    Water Co.

    Electric Light.

Wetherby & Keller

Wetherby, J.A.; house

Witter, Dr.

Wood, Willis; house

Youngs, J.H.; restaurant