In the early 1900's several men from Wellsville, N.Y. including W.O. and C.O. Taylor, H.C. Amsbary, Reuben Richardson, L.D. Crowner and L. Sorenson,  created the Diamond King Mining Company, with the goal of developing diamond and gold fields in Brazil. We've included here a newspaper article from that time about Diamond King, as well as several of the company's annual reports. Webpage and transcription by Stephen Sweet.



From Randolph, NY Register 1904-1906. 

Will Dig For Diamonds

Wellsville Men go to Brazil for that Purpose

DiamantinaA party of seven Wellsville men sailed from New York on May 3rd, for Brazil to superintend the development of diamond and gold fields situated near Diamains, in the State of Minas Geraes about 600 miles inland from Rio Janeiro and owned and operated by Wellsville capital. The party was composed of W.O. and C.O. Taylor, H.C. Amsbary, superintendent of the Wellsville electric light and power plant; Reuben Richardson, L.D. Crowner and L. Sorenson, who will return as soon as the electrical apparatus is installed, the men will remain in Brazil until they have amassed the fortunes they are confident of making.

Diamonds were discovered in Brazil in 1729, but up to the present time no modern mining machinery has ever been employed in the development of the rich field there owing to their inaccessibility. Recently, however, the Brazilian government extended a railroad to within 100 miles of the Diamatina territory. The Wellsville men, in connection with W. G. Myers, who has options on a large portion of the territory, have built a highway from the railroad to the mining fields, over which it is now possible to transfer heavy machinery.

The Diamond King Mining Company has shipped a modern dredge, electrically equipped, which will be capable of moving 1,500 yard a day. It has already cost the Wellsville men about $60,000 to place this dredge on the Jequitinhouha river.

The diamond hunters are enthusiastic over the outlook, as the tests already made show values that are seldom equaled in any place in the world. The diamonds procured are of t he finest quality, being quoted at 55 per cent higher that the African stones.

W. C. Ross, a mining engineer, has been on the ground for [?] years is also a resident of [?] and his wife and two sons have [recently?] joined him with the view of [making] Diamatina their permanent [home].



On September 3rd, 1907, the Allegany County Reporter published a full page article on the Diamond King Mining Company (pdf). The article begins:


"Most interesting and highly instructive are the reminiscences told by George W. Powell of his year in the diamond and gold fields of interior Brazil on the properties owned by the Diamond King Mining Company of this city, from whence Mr. Powell returned but a few days ago. Mr. Powell, who came to Wellsville from Buffalo to become associated with the Kerr Turbine Company of this city, left Wellsville on July 17th, 1906, in the employ of the Diamond King Company as general machinist to work on this company's holdings in Brazil.

Locally the history of the Diamond King Company is well known, as the company is composed mostly of Wellsville stockholders. The company owns extensive tracts along the Jequitinhonha and Rio Manso rivers, inland from Rio Janiero over 700 miles. These holdings consist of a strip over four miles long and a mile wide, one half of which lies on either side of the Jequitinhonha river, at Mendanha, and another parcel of from 8,000 to 10,000 acres at Rio Manso. All of this property is in the heart of the richest gold and diamond formations in Brazil and is bound in time to pan out a fortune to the parties interested. The company has ample stock solicited at par value and are not trying to dispose of any more, which is a state of affairs very much out of the ordinary for the usual mining company." (Excerpt).  Full article




Diamond King Mining Company - Annual Reports





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