Transcribed by Gary Goodridge

From Allegany County Historian Files

1/12/1877 –Allegany County Democrat

Fisher Brothers


  The well-known firm of White & Fisher has been dissolved by mutual consent, and is succeeded by the new firm of Fisher Bros.  Mr. H. G. White of the old firm retires, and Mr. Charles H. Fisher, who has for some time been employed there as salesman, succeeds as junior partner in the new firm of Fisher Bros.

  Of this new firm, Mr. T. Frank Fisher deservedly stands at the head.  He is favorably known far and wide as an active and popular member of the late firm of White & Fisher, while Mr. C. H. Fisher will be remembered as formerly long connected with the dry goods house of Hoyt & Lewis as a favorite salesman.  The new firm will take front rank among the active and successful business men of Wellsville.

  The dissolution of the old firm of White & Fisher calls up a bit of history.  Mr. H. G. White, who now retires, has been almost interruptedly engaged in the mercantile business in this village for the past twenty-two years, himself and L. F. Phillips commencing together in 1855.  The firm was succeeded by White & Jones, who remained together until 1865, when Mr. White sold out to H. L. Jones and went to the oil territory.  He returned in the spring of 1866, and in company with Mr. T. Frank Fisher bought out Mr. H. L. Jones, and commenced business what was then known as the “Blue Front”, where Harvey Alger’s store now stands.

  White & Fisher burned out in 1867, but having their loss made nearly whole by insurance, they immediately put up a “shanty,” (the same now occupied by R. & J. Doty as a warehouse,) and used it until their present large and well-arranged store was completed.

  Of the new firm it is quite unnecessary to particularize as a matter of introduction, for everybody knows “Frank” and “Charley”.  The former came to this village sixteen years ago, and for five years was he “miller” for Beecher & Swift, in the old mill at the foot of Mill Street, and since that time has been prominently before the public as a merchant.  Mr. Charles H. Fisher came here in 1863, and from that time until recently has been in the employ of Hoyt & Lewis.  His promotion now is a graceful tribute to his deserving merits and experiences as a business man.  United, these young men bring to their business a fund of experience, popularity and energy which assures them success in mercantile pursuits.  Their present intention is not only to maintain the proud reputation of the old firm of White & Fisher, but to rival it if possible, and if fair dealing and sterling enterprise can accomplish this, there is little room to doubt their success. - - -Reporter