Electric Railroad to Buffalo Still Seems Possible

Reprinted from Wellsville Daily Reporter, January 26 - 1922

Transcribed  & Submitted by Christ Middaugh

There Would Be Seeming Large Benefit to Wellsville From Niagara Current, Even If Railroad Was Not Big Success.

The local committee of business men looking after the Wellsville and Buffalo electric railway proposition, met at the Citizen’s Bank, this morning, in response to a further call from the Buffalo promoters. It seems the plan is not entirely dead, through Mr. Finnegan who owns the right of way, is somewhat discouraged because of the apathy shown by the towns along the line to get back of the plan.

Over the phone this morning Mr. Finnegan told the committee that if a reasonable amount in first mortgage bonds could be sold to Wellsville and the other towns, he was still inclined to consider the road building.

The committee, after a discussion of the situation were convinced that the amount that Mr. Finnegan asks of Wellsville, $266,000, is out of the question. But the committee is still inclined to go to work on the lan if the Buffalo interests will be content with the considerably smaller sum, and this will be suggested to the Finnegan interests.

Several members of the local committee have expressed themselves as fully convinced that Wellsville could well afford to buy a reasonable amount of bonds, even as a bonus, in order to get the electric road built into town and more, especially because of the benefits to factories that would be available here when the road is completed.

Factories now in Wellsville and factories of the future need cheap power, inasmuch as the natural gas supply is now limited to the summer months. Niagara current should be cheaper than current made from coal burning boilers.

Why not consider this railway proposition for the electric power benefits, even if the railway venture is not so appealing to the investor?