Hornellsville Tribune Nov 27, 1852

A sad accident happened about a mile east of Genesee station on the New York and Erie Railroad on Saturday morning last.  As the night express going west, which leaves this place at 7:23 A.M. was approaching that station, running at the rate of about forty miles an hour, a young lady, Mrs. Chandler, attempted to cross the track immediately in front of the train.  She was struck by the cow catcher of the engine, thrown about thirty feet from the track and instantly killed.  Going west on the accommodation train Saturday evening, Mr. Geo. M Goff, the gentlemanly conductor, pointed out to us the spot where the accident occurred, and on reaching Genesee we learned the following particulars:  Mrs. Chandler, (in company with her mother and sister.) arrived at the railroad crossing when the train was several hundred yards distant, and crossed the track, the other two deciding to wait until the train had passed.  Mrs. C. after crossing,  turned and perceiving that her mother and sister did not follow, attempted to recross the track not more than twenty five feet in front of the engine.  The train was stopped as soon as possible, backed up to the spot and the body of the unfortunate woman taken to Genesee.  She was a daughter of a Mr. Dunham, residing near Wellsville, and was married on the fourth of July last.