From the Wellsville Daily Reporter, June 13, 1921:

George Hayes in Hornell

George Gabby Hayes in Hornell WDR June 13 1921
Wellsville Daily Reporter, June 13, 1921
The well-known Wellsville celebrity in theatrical circles George Hayes, was mentioned in the Hornell correspondence Sunday, in the Elmira Telegram, as follows,

"Georgie Hayes, a native of the village of Wellsville, who is well known to scores of Hornellians, where once upon a time he deigned to make his home, and who is no less eminent in nation-wide theatrical circles, where he has long reigned as a king of musical comedy comedians, returned to this city and announced an intention to forsake the footlights and establish in this vicinity a stock farm on which would be raised only the finest full blooded Holstein cattle.  Certain unforeseen difficulties have blighted George's ambition to become a producer of the bull in this locality, but he has chosen to extend for several days his sojourn here in order to renew all his old friendships.  Meanwhile he and his wife are guests here of Frank Lynch, which whom Hays has been intimately associated during recent months under the firm name of Lynch, Hays & Co.  Messrs. Lynch and Hays have been doing a feature act on many of the big-time vaudeville circuits, the success of which has been limited only by the capacity of the houses in which they have played."