A Biography Sketch of Dr. Anthony Barney

Transcribed/Submitted by Mary Rhodes

Dr Anthony Barney

Independence, NY
Born February 18, 1801

Died August 12, 1886
Biography by unknown author.  From the files of the David A. Howe Library, Wellsville, NY

Dr. Anthony Barney was a pioneer physician in the early settlement of the township of Independence, which was established in 1821, as he settled in Green’s Corners (now called Independence) in 1825.  He practiced medicine there for 53 years.  He covered the territory from Alfred to the state line of Pennsylvania, and from Scio to Greenwood and Jasper, and at that time the only main highway was from Andover to Whitesville passing through Independence.  Many of the roads were only trails, so many of calls were made on horseback.  The records of his first calls show that he traveled a distance of two miles on horseback for two shillings.

Anthony’s father died when he was very young leaving a large family, but Anthony did not give up his deep desire to study medicine, and he saved, studied and taught school, all to acquire medical knowledge.. and was aided by his brother (Mason Barney) to finish his medical course at Willoughby College at Fairfield, New York in 1825.  This school was later merged with one located at Geneva, New York.  He had one son, Dr. Orville L. Barney who practiced medicine at Shongo, New York.  He also had two grandsons who were physicians – Dr. Herbert Anthony Barney practiced medicine at Belmont, New York and Dr. Benjamin A. Barney, a specialist in Hornell, New York.

A little bit more from John S. Minard:

Anthony Barney was born in Massachusetts, the 10th child of Jonathan Barney and Elizabeth Mason.  After earning his degree, he married Roxy Chapin, November 18, 1825.  Roxy died January 23, 1838 leaving four sons and three daughters.  Anthony married Henrietta Horton June 30, 1838 and they had six children.  At least two of his sons became physicians in their own right.

Jonathan O. Barney, son of Anthony,  attended Alfred University, married Lenora L. Dexter November 28,  1872.  She died November 1, 1880 and he married Lillie E. Clarke.  Jonathan practiced medicine in Independence.

Orville L. Barney,  son of Anthony, attended Alfred University, enlisted in Company C 85th New York Volunteers in 1861 and served until 1862.  Attended the University of the City of New York between 1873 and 1875 and practiced medicine in Shongo, New York.