NOTE: This biographical statement is correctly copied from "History of Allegany County, N.Y., 1806 - 1879, F. W. Beers & Company", p.298.  It seems to have slight discrepancy in the statement, "...came to Granger in September, 1805..." with the statement in first section of the same History on p.295, "Settlement was begun in the town in February, 1816, when Reuben Smith and his two sons, Wilcox and Isaac, and his sons-in-law, James McCoon and Rufus Trumbull and a man named Ellis, from Vermont ....etc."

Was the Atherton family the first settlers of Granger in 1805?

Atherton, Stephen; farmer, was born April 2nd, 1796, in Kingston, Pa.  He came to Granger in September, 1805, from Steuben county.  He married Anna Huff, of Caneadea, February 25th, 1829.  He served one term as commissioner of highways.