"Isaac W. Fassett, son of Philo, was born in Springfield, PA., Feb 1, 1815.  In 1839 he married Cynthia P. Brown.  He has been engaged in the lumber business for many years.  In 1850 he came to Wellsville as superintendent of P. R. Brayton's lumber business, under a contract for 5 years at $1,000 per year.  At the end of the time he purchased his employer's interests and has continued the business since, and has purchased from one to three million feet of lumber per year.  He owns about 1,000 acres.  In 1870 he built the Fassett House which he conducted for a short time.  He has been supervisor two years and has held other town offices.

He has built more houses and blocks in Wellsville than any other man.  He has been a Republican since the organization of the party.  He ran for representative on the Whig ticket and received over 300 majority in his own town (a Democratic town), but being on the minority ticket he was defeated int he county.  Of his 6 children 4 survive."