Pvt. Chase Fulkerson of Camp Sheridan Ohio, who has been passing a few days furlough with his brother, Clark Fulkerson of Andover, returned to camp yesterday.

Pvt. Fulkerson is a veteran of the world war only being home from France a few weeks.  He is the most messed up man we have seen returning from the war and yet one of the most cheerful.  He was wounded at the second battle of the Marne, lay in the hospital for six days unattended because they thought him dead.  He was gassed and had pneumonia and the effects, but is still alive and able to enjoy a visit with his brother and has attended the several welcome home receptions to the soldiers given in Andover this week.

It has been almost impossible to get him to talk about himself.  He is modest and retiring and tries to make light of the big part he has taken in the world war.  The news reporter, however quietly drew from him a few facts that are mighty interesting.  He was decorated for bravery by the French Government and wears the Distinguished Honor badge on his shoulder.

This distinguished honor badge was presented him for particular bravery in action.  He, with two others volunteered to go over to the German lines and destroy the camouflage concealing a particular nasty bunch of machine guns.  They went in the dark, carefully crawling right up to the guns of the enemy, poured kerosene oil on the camouflage and set it on fire.  The light from the fire of course exposed them to view of the enemy, and they were treated to a very warm time before finally reaching their own lines, slightly wounded.  The French immediately decorated them for their gallantry.

Pvt. Fulkerson bears the evidence of his strenuous service on his body.  He has 123 scars on his body from the effects of shrapnel and machine gun bullets.  He has lost his left eye, has his jaw broken and was left for dead for several days, yet, he says he didn’t do much worth telling.

There is nothing too good for our country to bestow upon our heroes who fought in France.