Born In Alfred, May 19, 1826. She taught her first term of school at Allentown, in 1844, being 18 years of age. After closing the term she went back home at Alfred. Miss Green was preceded by a Miss Katherine Bellamy, aunt of Wm. Bellamy, and succeeded by a Miss Betsy Foster, the mother of the Hon Dr. Geo. H. Witter, our state senator of Wellsville, N. Y. Miss Green's school work was of a class that put a teacher to their best, being no blackboards, globe or other device to aid In Instruction. With all this hindrance she proved herself master of the situation and at the same time, she had an eye to business and readily saw that one dollar to one dollar and a half per week was small pay and a doubtful avocation, so she allowed cupid to use his dart, and two years afterwards at the age of twenty she joined her fate with Marshall Phillips In 1846, and came back In the vicinity of Allentown to live, and of this union were born six children, three boys and three girls. Newton M., the oldest, was wounded at the battle of Fredericksburg, Va., at which battle his father, Marshall N. Phillips was killed 1863. Newton M. died In January, 1900. The balance of her family are living as follows: Arthur W. at Wellsville, Nellie at Rochester, Della at Friendship, Newell M. in Canada, Alice in Buffalo and the subject of this sketch Is enjoying the best of health In her little home in Allentown and to see her move with the alacrity of a young woman of thirty Instead of four score and four years old, seems wonderful.