Prest, Scott

Scott Prest was born in Andover on December 26, 1867. He was the son of John and Catherine Conrad Prest. With the exception of a few years in Bath, Scott resided in Andover, where, like his father, he would turn out to be a very well known carpenter, cabinetmaker and building contractor.
Scott also built and helped build many of the houses in Andover. Some of his big works were, the Andover Bank, the Andover Free Library, the Andover Theatre block that was torn down in 1983, the Hornell Y.M.C.A. building and many others. Scott died on March 23, 1950. He is also buried in Hillside Cemetery in Andover. I think if you asked someone on the street today, who were John and Scott Prest. I don’t think too many would know. Just think - people walk by their great works everyday.