Alfred East Valley Cemetery 1.3

 East Valley Road - - - Town of Alfred, NY

The list below was submitted by and copyright ©2005, 2017 William A. Greene

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This information is taken from Cemetery Records (when available), Andover News Archives, Family & Town Historical Records  & finally,  physically walking the cemetery comparing written records with tombstone information.  We feel that the information is as accurate as it can be provided unless variable information comes forth in the future to disprove.

This information is meant to help you in your quest for family.  As with all material provided by others,  you must verify using your own methods.  Please report any errors you may discover (with proof of correction needed)  so we can provide accuracy on the web.  



This list updated with additions & corrections on 3/17/2017.  If you find information or corrections needed email: 

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Below is printed a "working list" with research results by William Greene.  It shows many dates not other lists provide.

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