Joseph Rathbun Cemetery

Town of Almond, NY

The list below was a Cemetery read by John Reynolds and assisted in the field by Wayne Kellogg --October 1944.  (Transcribed 2005 by Mary Rhodes)

All stones are toppled over in this cemetery and it is in very poor
condition (1944). There are many graves in this cemetery with ordinary field
stone markers at the head and foot with no inscription. It is impossible to
tell how may graves there are here.
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Samuel M.

Son of Verames and Mary Bemis. Died Sept 24, 1837 Aged 17 Mo


Simeon S.

Son of Verames and Mary Bemis. Died Aug 27, 1841 Aged 7 Years


Lucy Ann

Daughter of Elias and Hannah E. Cardinell Died Dec 26, 1835 Age 1 Year "Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest, God called thee home when he thought best"


Infant Daughter of T and L Hulbert. Died Feb 6, 1844



Son of Joseph and Mabel Morris


Joseph A.

Died Jan 18, 1813 Aged 47 Years 7 Mo 2 Days



Wife of Joseph A Rathbun Died Apr 10, 1840 Aged 69 Years 5 Mo 20 Days



Wife of Samuel Seeley Died Feb 5, 1840 Aged 78 Years