Stephen Major Cemetery

The Major Cemetery was read by John Reynolds and assisted in the field by Wayne Kellogg --October 1944;  In 1961 the information was read on the Rathbun Cemetery  (Transcribed 2005 by Mary Rhodes)

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This cemetery has suffered the same fate of most small family cemeteries.  It is overgrown with brush and none of the stones remain standing.  At one time it was surrounded by a wall, of which only the rear wall now stands.  It is located to the rear and a short distance to the east of the old stone house which was erected by Stephen Major.
On one of the stones, the following inscription is yet readable and apparently applies to Stephen Major:

“From Ireland, his native land 

He immigrated here to dwell

When this was but a wilderness

Resounding by the savage yell

Here he rose to imminence

Believed by all both far and near

And while possessing competence

Bequeathed to his children dear.

This sacred spot he called his own

But only one reserve he made

Here he requested to be laid

Encompassed by a wall of stone.

Here let his sleeping dust remain

Until the last long trumpet sound

Shall bid it rise to live and reign

Where everlasting joys abound”.


Stephen Major - Died March 17, 1844 in the 77th year of his age.
John Major - Died Nov 21, 1854 Aged 49 Years
Lucy Ann Major - Daughter of John and Cyrene Major Died Sept 22, 1847 Aged 11 Years
Infant Son of John and Cyrene Major Died Nov 1851
Adaline Major - Daughter of John and Cyrene Major Died Sept 16, 1851 Aged 3 Years



"This cemetery is in Karr Valley, a short distance away from the Stephen
Major Cemetery. It contains two engraved stones, only one of which is

Lynda Rathbun - Wife of L. S. Rathbun Died May 12, 1827 Aged 31 Years.

There are many graves with only field stone as markers."