In response to a posting on this page asking for assistance from anyone knowing information about the Pendleton Cemetery I received a letter from a descendent, Donna Campbell, who receives our thanks!

It is noted here that the cemetery was a family cemetery and remains on private property until today.

Donna Commented in part:

"The cemetery is located on a farm on Back River
Road in Belmont/Scio. I'm not sure exactly what township it's in. It sets in a
cow pasture behind a farmhouse in a small area of woods. There is a monument,
see attached, and a few broken grave stones around it. James Pendleton and his
wife, Sally plus their children, Sally, Sarah and David are buried there. John
Pendleton's, a grandson, twin sons and possible others are there in unmarked
graves.The cemetery is on the original Pendleton farm which was later owned by the
Windus family. I don't know who the current owner is. James Pendleton along
with his wife and some of his children moved to the area from the Saratoga
region in the early 183O's. They made a living in farming and in lumber. When I
was there, part of their original sawmill was still standing. Over the years,
the family became quite large. Many of James' decendants are buried in Fairlawn
Cemetery in Scio."

 pendleton monument

Buried in this cemetery are James Pendleton (1777-1871); Sally, his wife (1780-1868); Their Children: Sally (1806-1888), Sarah (1819-1886), David (1803-1873).

Also, twin sons of John Pendleton and possibly others in unmarked graves.

If anyone has any further facts regarding this cemetery you can email: