East Valley Road - Andover NY

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This information is taken from Cemetery Records (when available), Andover News Archives, Family & Town Historical Records  & finally,  physically walking the cemetery comparing written records with tombstone information.  We feel that the information is as accurate as it can be provided unless variable information comes forth in the future to disprove.

This information is meant to help you in your quest for family.  As with all material provided by others,  you must verify using your own methods.  Please report any errors you may discover (with proof of correction needed)  so we can provide accuracy on the web.


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The East Valley/Eddy Cemetery is located from Andover toward Alfred on the East Valley Road approximately 1 mile on left side off road beyond barn of Jerry Green 

alero_h_popple_thumbs homer_phoebe_stearns_thumbs william_lewis_thumbs dell_mary_clair_thumbs orlando_polly_kaple_thumbs

Albro H. Popple

Civil War Veteran


Homer & Phoebe Stearns

Homer Believed to be Civil War Veteran

William Lewis - Civil War Vet Co. H, 85th NY Infantry

Dell & Mary Clair In Loving Remembrance

Children: Tesa, Allie & Infant

Orlando & Polly Kaple

Orlando d.1868 age 87

Polly d.1863 age 81

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Eddy Cemetery East Valley Andover New York    
Name Birth Death
Allen, Albert J. 7/7/1862 2/7/1920 58yrs.
Babbit, Mary A.   4/26/1891 70yrs.
Baker, Charles H.(hus or Sarah Lee & ?) 7/27/1832 6/3/1894 60yrs.
Baker, Sarah Lee (wife of Charles) 0/0/1834 11/4/1877
Brown, Josiah M. 0/0/1833 0/0/1912
Brown, Lawrence C. 0/0/1841  
Brown, Lovina Clair (Laurena)(wife of Lawrence)   9/24/1917 74yrs.
Brown, Walter E. 0/0/1862 0/0/1867
Burdick, Betsy Lamphear    
Burdick, Clark (son of Elijah)   6/12/1897 73yrs
Burdick, Phoebe   12/8/1901 85yrs.
Burdick, Prudence Pettibone (Wife of Welcome B.)   6/17/1889
Burdick, Samuel Lee 2/8/1812 3/30/1897
Burdick, Welcome B. (Hus. Of Prudence Pettibone)   4/20/1890 77yrs.
Caple, Alice May (dau. Of Orlando & Rhoda) 3/8/1860 12/31/1863
Caple, Carrie Cartwright (wife of Eugene E.)   9/13/1918
Caple, Edward Orlando 4/2/1805 11/15/1880
Caple, Eugene E. (hus. Of Carrie Cartwright) 12/7/1857 6/22/1921 63yrs.
Caple, John A. 10/21/1845 10/5/1858
Caple, Mary Pathenia 12/22/1842  
Cartwright, Abigail (wife of Truman)   5/21/1857
Cartwright, Casner   7/6/1931
Cartwright, Casper    
Cartwright, Catherine Burdick   10/6/1901
Cartwright, Charles J. (son of Jeremiah & Phebe) 1/22/1855 12/3/1933 48yrs
Cartwright, Clair Updyke    
Cartwright, David M.   11/7/1908 78yrs
Cartwright, Deville (hus of Ellen Edwards) 5/27/1854 11/8/1936
Cartwright, Edward   12/23/192? 56yrs.
Cartwright, Edward   2/23/1867
Cartwright, Ellen Edwards (wife of Defille) 2/23/1869 1/31/1937
Cartwright, Eunice   2/26/1920
Cartwright, Huldah Clair ( 1st wife of Jeremiah) 0/0/1819 3/6/1875 58yrs.
Cartwright, Jeremiah (Hus. Of Hulda & Phoebe) 11/6/1810 5/16/1895 84yrs.
Cartwright, John   1/7/1892 64yrs.
Cartwright, LaFayette 3/24/1839 3/30/1904
Cartwright, Phoebe Seward Harrison (wife of Jeremiah) 0/0/1849 1/7/1906
Cartwright, Washington S.   1826 18yrs.
Chase, Mary P. Kaple(wife of Sylvester Chase) 12/22/1842 6/17/1909 66yrs.
Chase, Sylvester (hus. Of Mary P. Kaple)    
Clair, Almerian 11/7/1854 4/19/1918
Clair, Blanche Chaffee    
Clair, Dell (hus of Mary Estelle) 11/24/1857 7/3/1920
Clair, Lawrence    
Clair, Marvin 0/0/1894 4/6/1910
Clair, Mary Estelle Cartwright (wife of Dell) 2/3/1905 3/14/1903
Clair, Mary Jo   5/18/1896
Clair, Melvin   12/16/1919 60yrs.
Clair, Ruth Balar (wife of Thomas) 0/0/1829  
Clair, Tella, Allie and infant(Dell & Estelle) no dates  
Clair, Thomas (hus of Ruth Balar) 0/0/1825  
Colbin, Catherine A. 0/0/1840  
Conley, Marie (wife of Thomas)   11/5/1852 63yrs.
Conley, Thomas (hus of Marie)   10/17/1872 81yrs.
Cramer, Callie Denning    
Crance, Daniel 5/28/1846 4/20/1932
Crance, DeMonte (son of Daniel)   5/23/1938
Crance, Emma M. (wife of Daniel C.)   3/20/1914
Crance, Monty   11/21/1940
Crance, Nora Clark   4/9/1905
Crance, Nora Perry (wife of Daniel)   11/19/1928 60yrs.
Davis, Frank    
Davis, Henry E. (Hus. Of Mary E. Kenyon) 8/20/1869 11/27/1948
Davis, Mary Campbell   2/14/1923 74yrs.
Davis, Mary E. Kenyon (wife of Henry E.) 10/20/1875 10/10/1931
Deming,   12/22/1903
Deming,   11/18/1893
Deming, Abel (hus of Dorcas Bosworth) 8/25/1775 12/31/1859
Deming, Alrina (dau. of Abel & Dorcas) 0/0/1815 1/17/1839
Deming, Caleb I. (son of Eli & Sally) 0/0/1847 9/27/1848
Deming, Cora (dau. of William & Jeannette)    
Deming, Cynthia G. Gardner (wife of Lyman) 2/26/1805 12/2/1862
Deming, Dorcas Bosworth ( 2nd wife of Abel) 9/26/1787 10/31/1855
Deming, Florence E. Rosebush (wife of Burr William) 6/2/1872 4/14/1905
Deming, Jeannette Walker (wife of William J.)   3/9/1896 46yrs.
Deming, Lyman (hus of Cynthia G. Gardner) 10/7/1811 6/10/1894 82yrs.
Deming, Mary (wife of William J.) 6/18/1811 4/15/1872
Deming, Sally M. (dau. of Abel & Dorcas) 0/0/1820 8/14/1845
Deming, Samuel (son of Abel & Dorcas)   12/1/1852
Deming, William J. (hus of Mary) 8/12/1813 3/21/1897 84yrs.
Eddy, Barnabus (hus of Miriam Deming) abt. 1768 after 1855
Eddy, Hannah (dau. of Barnabus & Mariam)   10/12/1821
Eddy, Mariam Deming. (wife of Barabus Eddy) 5/27/1768 4/7/1844
Edwards, May Latten    
Edwards, William    
Erskin, Robert   4/19/1912 69yrs.
Gardner, Charles 0/0/1860 5/17/1939
Goodnoe, Annie 1/23/1905 9/10/1925
Green, Edward I.(hus of Permelia D. West & Anes ?) 11/29/1850 8/4/1922
Green, Edwin 11/-/1850 8/4/1922 73yrs.
Green, Gerald R. (hus of Bernadine A. Hollenbeck) 10/1/1936 5/1/2016 Korean War
Gerald Green will be buried just out side of the Eddy Cemetery on a plot of land owned by family.
Green, Oliver Hall 11/18/1829  
Green, William   2/24/1905
Hall, Benajot    
Hall, Catherine Buckley (wife of Varnum)   10/6/1907
Hall, Catherine Burdick   10/6/1907
Hall, Varnum (Civil War Vet, 2nd wife Elizabeth Smith) 11/30/1822 11/26/1901
Hardy, Fidelia (1st wife of Newland E.) 0/0/1843 0/0/1869
Hardy, Nellie J.(infant of Newland & Fidelia) 0/0/1865 0/0/1869
Hardy, Newland E. 6/21/1841 11/15/1904 63yrs.
Hosmer, Delia Cornelius (wife of George)    
Hosmer, George (hus. Of Delia Cornelius)    
Hosmer, Harley (hus. Of Lillian Green) 11/18/1875 8/1/1912
Hosmer, Lillian Green (wife of Harley)    
Jones, John Edward   6/30/1926
Kaple, Alice May (dau of OEP & Rhoda J.) 3/8/1860 12/31/1863
Kaple, Edward Flint (hus of Grace Gardner) 4/2/1805 11/15/1880
Kaple, Eugene P. 12/7/1857 6/22/1921
Kaple, Grace Gardner (wife of Edward F.) 4/28/1805 4/16/1869
Kaple, John A.(son of OPE & Rhoda J) 10/21/1845 10/5/1850
Kaple, Mary P. 12/22/1842 6/17/1909
Kaple, Orlando (hus.of Polly Flint) War of 1812 . 11/3/1780 2/8/1868
Kaple, Orlando Elijah P. (hus of Rhoda J. Lamphere) 4/17/1818 9/17/1891
Kaple, Polly Flint (wife of Orlando) 8/31/1781 7/28/1863
Kaple, Prudence Brudick( wife of William G.) 7/16/1862 2/13/1931
Kaple, Rhoda J. Lamphere (wife of OEP) 79 yrs. 9/27/1818 5/9/1898
Kaple, Ruby Janett (dau of OEP & Rhoda) 5/23/1840 3/2/1859
Kaple, William G.(hus of Prudence Burdick) 10/24/1855 4/30/1909
Kenyon, Lew    
Kenyon, Sarah   11/13/1915
Lewis, William H. Civil War 0/0/1837 7/1/1862
Logue, Mary Perry (see Wilber, Mary) 0/0/1821 3/-/1910
Manroe, Joseph E. (husband of Olive) 2/12/1880 6/15/1942
Manroe, Mary (wife of Willis)   8/27/1917 60yrs.
Manroe, Olive Cartwright (dau. of Jeremiah & Phebe) 10/1/1879 5/15/1943
Manroe, Willis   3/30/1922
Manroe, Willis (son of Joseph & Olive)   10/21/1918 18yrs.
Marvin, Eugene 8/5/1894 7/5/1930
Marvin, infant   4/31/1928 7mos.
McCall, Ann   4/3/1818
McGraw, Francis M.   4/19/1867 11yrs. 1day
Palmer, Milo    
Perry, Phoebe Witter (wife of John G.)   12/18/1901
Plamer, Mrs. Milo   5/-/1900
Poppin, Albro H.   6/15/1862
Poppin, Andrew, J. (son of G.B. & Mary)   4/7/1817
Popple, Albro H. Civil War 7/18/1842 6/16/1867
Popple, George 75 yrs.    
Potter, Persia   11/18/1891
Potter, William Maxon   10/19/1890
Preston, Anna Elizabeth Burdick (wife of Charles M.) 10/9/1843 11/12/1911
Preston, Charles M. 3/14/1847 6/16/1926
Preston, Daniel (son of Charles & Elizabeth)   11/12/1911
Preston, Lora Howe    
Preston, Rufus    
Rogers, Helen Zergler 9/22/1886 11/18/1906
Seward, Amos (Ames)   3/45/1897 84yrs.
Seward, Sara (wife of Ames)   10/24/1911
Stearns, Fannie Martin    
Stearns, Homer W. (son of Homer & Phoebe) 11/3/1873 9/8/1939
Stearns, Homer William Civil War 5/23/1849 8/13/1923
Stearns, Mary Geary (wife of Homer W.)    
Stearns, Phoebe Coleman (wife of Homer) 10/26/1851 7/10/1929
Stearns, Rufus   12/21/1913
Stearns, William Homer   11/3/1870
Walden, Mrs. T. G.   3/9/1917
Walden, T. G.    
Wamsley, Harriet Greene (wife ofRussell))   3/19/1905
Wamsley, Mary Greene (wife of Menzo)   10/28/1915
Wamsley, Menzo (hus. Of Mary Greene)    
Wamsley, Russell hus. Of Harriet Greene)    
Wheaton, Benjamin (son of Samuel & Alzinia) 7yrs.   9/8/1844
Wheaton, Edgar F. 0/0/1858 10/21/1914 55yrs.
Wheaton, James (son of Samuel S.)   4/17/1842
Wheaton, Mrs Edgar F. 0/0/1856  
Wheaton, William W. (son of Samuel & Alzinia) 7 mo.   3/16/1842
Wilber, Mary, (wife of Randall C & Archibald Logue) 0/0/1820 3/3/1910
Wilber, Randall Clark (hus. Of Mary Perry) 0/0/1819 1/28/1855
Wilbur, Inez Clair (wife of Clarence, he is buried Ohio)   11/11/1912 22yrs.
Wilbur, infant (baby of Inez & Clarence)   0/0/1912
Witter, James   11/11/1906
Witter, Mrs. William   11/11/1905
Witter, William