Boyd Cemetery - Andover NY 6.4

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.........Photo by Ron Taylor 4/9/05

Located on Lot 40 Off Jones Road on Left across from Kent Farms (in 2005).  Must walk south approximately 1000 yards from roadway into woods.

Land owners on 1869 Atlas (viewable on this website, Town of Andover) were Corwins & Boyds.

The old Maple Tree standing proudly in the very center of this cemetery could very well be one of the original Maples planted by the Corwins & Boyds.  It exceeds 3' through the trunk.

 Updated 1/2015 

Baby (can't read name)   5/26/1851 1yr.2mo.24days
Boyd Thomas N.(Civil War Vet) 3/25/1844 8/16/1933
Boyd, Charles (maybe son of Robert & Delana)   4/17/1852 1yr.3mo.7days
Boyd, Delana Green (wife of Robert Jr.) 9/27/1822 12/3/1883
Boyd, Eunice Nickelson (wife of Robert R. Sr.) 74yrs.   8/9/1851
Boyd, Frances Morgan (wife of Thomas N.) 12/4/1846 4/23/1919
Boyd, Robert R. Sr. (hus of Eunice) 84yrs.   8/2/1855
Boyd, Robert R. Jr. (hus of Delana) 9/23/1817 7/10/1901
Boyd, Thomas (son of Robert & Eunice)   /24/1842 19yrs.4mo.3days
Corwin, Edward P. (Son of Jacob & Catherine) 2/-/1851 5/26/1851
Corwin, Margaret Amberman (wife of Matthis) 1787 12/19/1853
Corwin, Matthias (Hus. Of Margaret) 1784 4/4/1850
Nicholes, Francis   3/24/1853 45yrs.
Parshall, A. C. 1840 1846
Parshall, A. L. (hus. Of Jane A. Parshall) 1808 1885
Parshall, Jane A. (wife of A. L. Parshall) 1809 1849
Parshall, L. C. 1830 1849
Rogers, Clark T. 8/15/1877 4/22/1937
Rogers, Ethel Boyd (wife of Clark Rogers) 7/23/1882 8/18/1931

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